Master plan
The proposed master plan of the port provides for a total of 15 berths to handle more than 100 MTPA of all types of cargo such as dry bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk and containerized cargo.
A total of six dry bulk berths have been planned including the two existing berths. These berths will mainly handle coal, limestone, iron ore and other dry bulk cargo. The dry bulk berths have been planned in the middle keeping in mind available back-up area and the distance between stackyard and berths.
Further, a total of six berths (two container berths and four multipurpose berths) for handling break bulk/general cargo such as containerized cargo, steel products, fertilizer, edible oil and other general cargo have been planned in the southern part of the port keeping in mind back-up area requirement and wind parameters. The back-up land for these berths has already been acquired.
POL and LNG berths are being planned on the northern side. The back-up area for these berths has been planned away from the rest of the areas and separated by a green zone. In addition to this a transloading berth has also been proposed to cater to the increasing demand for transloading operations in sheltered waters.
Category (Proposed) Berths
Dry Bulk 6
LNG/POL/Crude 2
Container 2
Multi purpose 4
Transloading 1
Total berth length 4,574 m
  Layout Map
Storage Capacity
Liquid 539 acres
Dry Bulk 645 acres
Containerized/clean cargo 200 acres
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